Friday, May 28, 2010

Fancy Hobos!

We've been pretty down and dirty in the trenches with The Regulars for the past few months, and it's about time to change that! No, don't worry, we're not overhauling the show halfway through the run. We're not THAT mentally unstable. Well, at least most of us aren't...

Instead, we're hosting one fancy-pants party! So find a frilly dress (or one with some slink, if you prefer), get those tight pants pressed and join us for

Come meet the company and also have a chance to rub shoulders with some amazing people from the Chicago theatre scene. Mingle, much on appetizers, and move to the crooning of the very special and always wonderful Vallery Dolls.

We're changing out of our blacks and getting into black tie, and it just may look something like this:
Ok, so maybe my dress isn't that frilly, but there will undoubtedly be one of the Junction boys doing their best Captain Tight Pants.

This is also your chance to help Hobo Junction bring all-new, fresh, original comedy to Chicago. Help us raise funds by bringing friends with you and joining in our raffle for some shiny prizes. There are great plans on the horizon, but we cannot move forward without your help, and we all might as well have fun while doing it!

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