Friday, May 7, 2010

They're Heeeeeerrrreeee!

Ladies and gentlemen.

The time has come.

Grab your pepper grinders and hold on tight.

The Regulars opens tonight.

Thank you to all the folks who came out to our free preview last night! The show looked great and it seems all the blood, sweat, and tears may have just paid off. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous for this run, but there were hardly any mistakes (I messed up two cues - the only person who noticed was Josh on one light cue), the energy was high, the songs were spot on, and there was much laughter.

I'll try not to get too sentimental now, as we must remain focused, the battle rages on!

Make sure you have your tickets, and I shall see YOU at The Apollo Studio!
Here's some snazzy shots courtesy of Mz. Sarahflo Harmon

You better ketchup. I mean catsup. I mean...nevermind...



Michigan es lindo tambien.

Our own romance novel cover.

C-Rex adds to the graffiti. WAR PIGS!

Helpin' a brother out.

Springtime for....oh wait, that's the wrong show...

You know what's cool? Schooling your fight choreographer in lightsaber duels via iPod Touch and Android.

See? I totally win.

Pssst...hey...yeah, you...are you a server or similarly employed by a food serving establishment? Bring a pay stub, ID, or other such proof and we may knock a couple bucks off yer ticket price at the box office!

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  1. I knew you had the power of the dark side.