Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Guys, Can We Do It One More Time For Muscle Memory?

Tech Week Day 2
Epic Cue-to-Cue

Fueled by the greasy goodness of Hoagie Hut, we embarked on a cue-to-cue of the show garnished with some directing sprinkles from Mr. Zagoren. I kept running from the lightboard to the front of house while executing sound cues, Joe kept bouncing from the front of house to my laptop to fix sound cue levels, and the actors were supremely patient, cooperative, and even a little slaphappy through the entire process. Show is lookin' good! Now that the cues and transitions have been ironed out, the run through tonight will be a good indicator of how insane the show is going to be for the actors, for the stage manager, and the audience.

While I recharge and catch up on my mental energy, enjoy the following pictures from a photo shoot of the cast and the pretty people portraying "Kurt" and "Miriam" in photographic form for the show.
Why do the bubbles go down?

Pretty People

Maddy tries her hand at Wint Face. Wint tries her hand at Chilese Face.
Fight Choreographer and Fight Captain get into it at Irish Eyes.
Long lost siblings...?
Music' Makin' Men!

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