Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Throw Out Your Hands, Stick Out Your Tush, Hands On Your Hips, Give 'Em A Push...

Tech Day Three.

Pardon me while I just pass out in this corner over here...

Oh, wait, you probably want to know the inside scoop of rehearsal last night, huh? Well, pass me that Diet Coke and pull up a chair. Or milk crate, if you're a hardcore fan. But if you were a hardcore fan, you would have donated that milk crate to the show...

Anyway, back the the matter at hand.

Last night consisted of much tweaking and polishing and patience. We ran a large chunk of Act One to help me solidify cues first off, as we were also working with the fancy monitor backstage that Joe rigged up for us. As I can't be backstage, I don't know what it sounds like during the show, but seeing as I did not hear complaints about it, I'm assuming it works well! It definitely improved some of the rhythm issues we had with folks singing behind the set before.

Sarahflo then came in and did some fun photo calls. She also caught Beau and I celebrating May the Fourth with our Android/iPhone lightsaber apps. Yeah. We're nerds. It was awesome and kept me smilin'.

We then ran the show from start to finish, all cues, all lights, all everything. By the end of the night, we were all exhausted, but prepared for the last push in the next two days. Tomorrow we run run run the show, and Thursday is our final dress/free preview!

See you all there!

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