Monday, March 22, 2010

And Here....We....Go!

Day one of rehearsal is done and in the record books!

After starting this snowball rolling back in December, it felt great to finally be in the rehearsal room and get these characters on their feet. The show is going to be nothing but intense, high-stakes energy, so I found it pretty fitting that the very first thing we covered was stage combat. Beau laid the foundation for all the crazy conflicts he is planning for the show, plus the cast had a great time beating each other up.

Bryan is about to let Derek have it. Ashley is in awe.

Carla gave Eli a piece of her mind, Ashley's thinking about doing the same to Danelle.

Thanks to some quick camera skills, I was able to capture the most epic moment of the night on video. I believe Josh's description of it was "magical":

And Josh's reaction.

After Beau slogged through his teaching with a killer toothache but a great attitude, scripts were distributed along with highlighters and we began our first read-through of the script since the beginning of February. Instead of the standard table read, Josh had the cast do a standing read. There were lots of great ideas and moments that came out of it and I'm thrilled to see the characters I've been staring at on paper come to life.

Stay tuned for tonight's rehearsal blog!

Oh, oh! Wait! Before you go...since you're on the internet anyway, our lovely webmistress Breahan has updated the Hobo Junction website and you should check it out!

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