Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Just Let It Be An Eagle"

Rehearsal Day 3: Music Tuesday in The Bunker

We kicked off this evening's festivities with snapping some more production photos
We then progressed on to the meat of what will be our usual Tuesday rehearsal as well as the show: the music. We tackled three songs this evening: "The Billy Bar", "The New Girl", and "Hero."

Josh leading the cast through some warm-ups before they used their "power pipes" to rock out Zag-End.
Bryan Campbell singing "The Billy Bar," a song detailing the ultimate dive bar where The Regulars retire to after a long night at The Laconia Steakhouse. Giggles and gut-busting laughter ensued from Dan Krall and Josh's lyrics. "The New Girl" gave Derek a chance to shine and show off some of the Hank character he worked on at rehearsal last night. During "Hero," Carla rocked out her solos, and is backed up by Eli Branson, Maddy Chilese, and Jake Autizen. One lesson we all learned from "Hero" and the cast feels that you should know is: "you should let an eagle be an eagle."

Tomorrow we have the whole cast come together for blocking of some of the larger scenes before we wrap up for this first week, including blocking the songs we worked tonight. Look for some videos tomorrow to go along with the usual pictures. They will be epic.

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