Thursday, March 11, 2010


Like me, I'm sure many of you receive emails from concert promoters and ticket services on a weekly basis. I have to say I'm generally guilty of just deleting the email after I take a quick browse at some of the headliners. However, I received my weekly TicketMaster email today, and decided just for fun to see what was coming up. Lo and behold, HOBO JUNCTION: THE REGULARS was on the front page! Tickets go on sale tomorrow through TicketMaster for the run of the show, which is May 7-June 13. They're priced at $15. My advice? Give the Apollo box office a call. They're good folk and very chatty. Their number is (773)935-6100. Get 'em before your friends! Then you can say you were in from the start! Of course, for those of us who prefer clicking a button to dialing a phone, TicketMaster is always an option!

So, just to recap...
Tickets for THE REGULARS
On Sale March 12, 2010!
or through TicketMaster

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