Tuesday, March 30, 2010

There's Babies Ridin' Ostriches All Over Town!

Rehearsal Day 6: The Squids Are Comin'!

We worked Eli Branson to the bone last night! Eli's character, Anthony, has a major breakdown during the show in true Vietnam War freak-out mode. The song he sings, "The Squids Are Comin'" is The Doors meets CCR and Dan and Josh have been drooling over it since they wrote it. Dan Krall was able to come and sit in on rehearsal last night and he loved seeing his favorite song get wigged out by Eli.
You ever see a frog in a microwave?

After we all bugged out and intern brought us coffee, Ashley Wint joined us to block out a scene between Sunny and Anthony where they bond in the most catty way possible. Ms. Wint taught us that sometimes, the funnies thing you can do is to put the wrong emPHAsis on the wrong sylLAble.

Looking back at the pictures I take during rehearsal, I love seeing what Derek is doing with his facial expressions. Hank is the observer, and much of his character must be portrayed through his face and body rather than words. Last night's faces were brought to you by the imaginiary funky gum flavors of red lint, lemon pine scent, and tasty pencil shavings. Maybe the squids got to us a little too much, come to think of it...

Tuesday night is music night, and we begin work on "Sharing My Time With You", which is inspired by Freddy Mercury's "Barcelona"; Molly's Song which is very Ramones-esque, the Hero Song Reprise, and more Squid action.

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  1. Jeez Ames. Such short rehearsal recaps. You're such a cockTEASE!