Monday, March 29, 2010


Rehearsal Day 5: Stage Combat Sunday

Back again with Beau Forbes, but this time we were getting into one of the large fights in the show. Not the EPIC boss battle that will come, but still just as fun. In this scene, Autumn and Denise have discovered something about Molly that drives them into having no other recourse but to attack her with pitchers and spatulas.
Beau works with Carla on her spatulas.

Here's a sneak preview:
Once it's up to full speed, it will be intense! And I would stay away from Carla when she has spatulas in her hands...

Once the ladies had finished, some of the gents joined us as we worked he scene leading up to the fight.
"It's a cry out to the gods."

Eli Branson (Anthony) ponders.

Chris Jacobs also stopped by to chat about some of the marketing strategies for the show. The big push is word of mouth, and I agree with that completely. Every show (ours included) does postcards and posters, but that seems to get filtered out to a large degree when out in public. Spreading the word to friends and co-workers has been the engine behind the success of Hobo Junction's audience attendance. And hey, blog readers, you can help out, too! Pass along the link to the blog or to the Junction's website. The work with "The Regulars" is only going to get more intense and come together into an even tighter show. Help us make it that much better by spreading the word around Chicago. (Or Iowa for that matter, we'll be there in July!)

Time seems to be flying by. We're already in the second week of rehearsals, April is on the doorstep, and May is down the street! We have gotten many things under our belts, but there is still so much more to do. Lots more blocking tonight. Josh and Dan will be working all day today on recording the final drum tracks with Joe Griffin. Keep on following, folks, it's going to be a wild ride!
Danelle Wildermuth (Molly) and Derek Elstro (Hank) are swooning over the show!

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