Friday, March 19, 2010

The Calm Between The Storms

Patty McHobo's has come and gone, and rehearsals are imminent!

Wednesday evening kicked off with something I personally have never done before - having headshots taken. Official Sister of the Junction, Sarahflo obliged me in snapping some photos so I could have a pretty one for the new Hobo Junction website design. You will soon be able to find the entire creative team's photos and bios on the site, courtesy of Ms. Breahan Pautsch, the lovely webmistress of HJ.

After our mini-photo shoot, it was off to pick up the lovely Vallery Dolls and her fancy keyboard to transport to The Spot. Val did a fantastic job opening the show and was soon joined by the one and only Chad from "CRASH PAD" (see YouTube link in the sidebar). Chad and Vallery were our MCs for the evening's talent show, which was filled with everything from dollars inside of lemons to Storytime with Beau to dances with pillows. Needless to say, a good time was had by all, and many of us stayed for some karaoke. (Val - thanks for pulling me up onstage for dancing!)

With the FUNdraiser done, we now look forward to the meat of the process....rehearsals! Spent a good chunk of time at Office Max this evening copying Draft 6 of the script, which will be our working version, and re-stocking my supply of pencils, highlighters, etc. I am truly a nerd, because a trip to Office Max for me is like a trip to Toys R Us for a three year old. I was able to contain myself for the most part. I couldn't resist the scented highlighters.

Look for more to come, as well as more frequent posts, after Sunday! On the agenda is Stage Combat Sunday with Beau Forbes. He gave me some more insights into his ideas when we chatted on Wednesday at the benefit and I am excited to see these visions become reality. This Sunday will be laying the basic skills/ground rules/techniques so in the following weeks things can get crazy! Once Beau has worked his magic for the week, we will have our first cast reading since February 11 and the first reading of this version of the script. Stay tuned!

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