Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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Rehearsal Day 7: Music Tuesday 2

For a rehearsal that started with chaos and confusion, the work the cast brought to the table tonight completely made up for it.

First up, Jake Autizen (Bear) and Maddy Chilese (Autumn) worked through the love ballad "Sharing My Time With You." When writing this, Krall and Zagoren were very inspired by "Barcelona" by Freddie Mercury.
Not only was this the first time of working through this particular song, it was also the first night the cast got to hear the final drum recordings from Monday's marathon with Joe. The tracks sound fantastic and will only get better from here on out. Well done, Mr. Griffin! During my commute to and from rehearsals, I listen to the demo tracks which have all the vocals done by Dan and Josh. It's fantastic to hear the actors who will be performing the songs in the show not only bring their own vocal flair to it, but bring so many quirks and bits to the pieces. Jake and Maddy did a wonderful job singing the praises of Wisconsin and love. When we work it again next week, we'll be layering Cyra Polizzi into the song as well with some beautiful Spanish lyrics.
"My dreams are your dreams, and your dreams are grand."

After Jake and Maddy, Danelle Wildermuth arrived to rock out "What I Want" which takes its cues from The Ramones with a twist of Joan Jett. Very curious to hear how girl-next-door Danelle was going to handle this punk-esque song, we cranked the music track and just let her roll.
And boy howdy, did she!
The group of us sitting in the room had to grab Carla's spatulas from the fight scene and scrape our jaws off the floor. Danelle nailed the screaming, poppy sound through the whole song about less than innocent things. As much as I would have loved to post a video preview, this is something you just have to see live. Plus, we wouldn't want to give the whole show away!

Squids was on the schedule again, but after Eli's supreme Angela Bassett style freakout the night before, we switched it up and wrapped up the night with the song that wraps up the show. "Hero Reprise" is, well, the reprise of the "Hero Song" that is sung at the beginning of the show by Carla and the rest of the Regulars. For this round, Ashley Wint (Sunny) takes over and her fellow servers join in as it goes on. Will they fight? Or just give up and have a rooftop party?

"Though our minds have turned to goo,
And our hearts are broke in two,
Our model train has come unglued.
We'll all go get tattoos..."

Tonight's schedule reviews many of the things we've worked on the past two weeks, including work with Danelle and Derek as well as Ashley and Eli. Finishing up rehearsal will be a brand new tidbit to hold us over for the weekend. Bryan Campbell's character, Simon, sings "Rally Song For One" when the shit really hits the fan. This song has become my staple bad traffic song. As I drive from the southwest suburbs, I hit traffic every day. Belting this song to myself helps me feel like a rockstar and controls some of the road rage - it's just too much fun! Plus, it will get those of us still around at the end of the day pumped up for $1 burgers at Redmond's post-rehearsal. Mmmm burgers.

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