Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Eating Krispy Kremes Instead of Living Out Her Dreams

Dan Krall and Josh met today to tweak the drum tracks for the recorded music for the show and record the final song demo to be orchestrated. Joe Griffin has been hard at work orchestrating the tracks Josh and Dan have laid down. I was lucky enough to sneak in ninja-like and snap some photos.
Coffee keeps Krall going

Reviewing previous recordings

While these two were jamming in the living room of Zag-End, I retreated to the kitchen to work on prop lists, schedules, emails, and other Stage Manager meets Tech Director duties. Soon, the boys came rushing in and informed me they were going to perform "Miriam" live for me. And now, you get to enjoy it as well. Check out Hobo Junction's Facebook page for video.

Question: What are YOU doing for World Theatre Day this Saturday, March 27?

EDIT: Apparently, the video of "Miriam" is too awesome for the internet to accept at this time. When it IS uploaded (and oh, it will be), you will be the first to know!


  1. You lie...there's no video of Miriam.

  2. In process of editing the video down. Apparently the file is to epic for the internet to take!