Monday, March 22, 2010

"You Have the Eye of the Eagle and the Speed of the Cheetah...You're a Cheagle"

Rehearsal Day 2: Work with Danelle and Derek on Molly and Hank
Day 2 was Day 1 of blocking, focusing on scenes between Derek Elstro and Danelle Wildermuth, who play Hank and Molly in the show. Hank works the supply line, and Molly is the new recruit at the Laconia Steakhouse.

One of the key concepts that has developed for the show over the past few weeks is making the show look and feel like a graphic novel. Seeing as the original version of the show was a satire of 300, I find it pretty fitting. Josh ran that conceptual idea past me a few weeks ago in reference to the set design, and it really struck a good chord. The action is set up very much like a graphic novel, and the potential for epic stage pictures are going to pop up all over the place.

Tomorrow is our first music rehearsal, in which we will be working on "Billy Bar", an ode to dive bars everywhere; "New Girl", about Molly's arrival at the restaurant; and "Everyone Needs A Hero Sometimes." The full cast will once again be together for that rocking and it will be fun to hear Bryan Campbell, Derek Elstro, and Carla Kessler rock out their solos.

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  1. Oh Billy Bar. You truly are the sunshine of my life.