Monday, March 8, 2010

"It's a collaboration between handsome gifted people and sickly little mole people."

To me it seems to be the calm before the storm right now...Patty O'Hobo's is in a week, rehearsals begin in two, we open in seven. Hmmm...seeing those numbers laid out damages my calm a bit, but things are well under control. The revision of Act 3 should be coming across my Gmail from Mr. Zagoren within a few hours, the rehearsal schedule will likewise trickle out to the actors once I have that in my possession. I did mention a calm right now, but that's not completely true. We've all been working like crazy (because we are). Josh has been writing music and revising the script, C-Rex has been coming up with new and exciting ways to market the show, the actors were out promoting this weekend while on their various social appointments, and Beau Forbes is amping up for some fight choreography that I can only hope will rival every Zelda boss I have ever come up against on my Nintendo.

Spent the day in the city yesterday, with mostly a social agenda but because of how I operate, I managed to get some work slipped in alongside. Had a lovely brunch with a couple of the cast members and their significant others, went book shopping at Borders (always a danger for me), then met up with Josh and Andrew. Andrew designed the set and was the Tech Director for Horrible, and I wanted to show him my concepts for the set and have him give me his thoughts. As Andrew whipped up some delicious jambalaya, we talked about the conceptual ideas as well as the construction realities of the set and space of the Apollo Studio. Andrew had some great advice and I feel much more confident moving forward with the plan now.

After the work was finished, a whole bunch of people crammed into Andrew's apartment to watch the Oscars. And by watch, I mean rip to shreds. It was quite easily the Windy City's version of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 goes to the Oscars. We were all pulling for Kathryn Bigelow to win, as she brought us that fabulous masterpiece POINT BREAK! Glad there was some NPH action and was thrilled with Tom Hanks's presentation of the Best Picture Oscar. Open the envelope and just read it! And although all the Dude wanted was his rug back, I hope the Oscar is a pretty decent consolation prize.

Has anyone figured out who the crazy woman in purple was?

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