Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finding the Corner Pieces

Well, Pre-Production as "officially" begun! We've had our designer meeting, much excitement came from that. And yesterday, the cast received Act 1 as well as all the songs for the show. It feels like I've been working on things for this show for quite a while now and still have a ways to go. That was until I sat down and started working on the rehearsal schedule today. Not so much time left now! We begin rehearsals March 21. Yes, there was a long break between casting and rehearsals, but never fear there is still much work being done! Josh is plugging away having amazing character meetings with each actor. So far (correct me if I'm wrong folks), he's met with Bryan about "Simon", Maddy about "Autumn", Danelle about "Molly", and Ashley about "Sunny." Everyone else should be meeting with Herr Director in the next week or so. Also heard from Beau Forbes, our esteemed Fight Choreographer today and he's got some amazingness in the works for this production. But then again, what fight using restaurant equipment isn't amazing?

So I have begun work on the rehearsal schedule now that everyone has submitted their conflicts to me and we have a working draft of the script. It's like one big jigsaw puzzle, fitting in people when they're available, using up all the time we have (and sometimes more).

Again, off-topic of The Regulars, I attended The Chicago Fringe Fest's Lottery on Sunday night. It was pretty amazing, you should feel bad about missing it. I took Bryan and Maddy along with me to see what we could see. Met some great folks, drank some delicious hot cocoa with homemade blue marshmallows (sorry they weren't pink, Bry), and was entertained by the one and only VALLERY DOLLZ who we all know and love. Luke, you organized a fabulous event. Wish the three of us could have made it to the after-lottery events, but IHOP late night pancakes were just too darn tempting, as was a warm and cozy bed. Once I returned home to my cozy bed in Joliet on Monday morning (thank you, Casimir Pulaski), I didn't do much to move out of it. I think I'm finally on the downhill end of this cold, and will once again be able to use my full brainpower, un-addled by Day-Quil and other such cold medicines. Until then, this is Hopper-Chopper signing off.

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