Thursday, April 1, 2010

Call Your Dad, He'll Pick You Up and Go for Pizza!

Rehearsal Day 8: "I Want" to "Rally"

It's the end of week 2 of rehearsals! I must apologize for the lack of pictures in this post, I neglected to charge the camera battery after my last post. Be prepared for epic pictures on Sunday!

Last night was the first night of polishing some of the scenes we have blocked already. Ashely Wint (Sunny), Eli Branson (Anthony), and Derek Elstro (Hank) joined us first (after fighting HORRIBLE traffic) to review a scene we worked on Monday. The scene between Anthony and Sunny was inspired by something you see in every single war movie - the war buddy bonding scene. Think of "Saving Private Ryan" when they are all in the church discussing what Tom Hanks did before the army and you will know what I'm talking about. One of my favorite parts of rehearsals comes after the blocking becomes muscle memory for the actors. Once that is down and they are off book, it is fantastic to see them really play with the lines, discover new ideas and follow their instincts. It's a different experience for me this time around as well, as I have watched the script and characters change on paper since December. Now you have actors breathing their own life and adding flair to it and it's a completely different animal. How you view a character or their motivation on paper can be and is drastically different when a live person reads the lines and connects with someone else on stage. Last night was a preview for what is to come as we shape this puppy like Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in Ghost.

After releasing Ashley, Danelle Wildermuth came in to block out the song she shocked us with Tuesday night, "What I Want." The scene surrounding it is essentially "How Many Innuendos Can We Pack In Here?" and it all explodes with the song. Molly really takes it out on Hank as she sing-screams at him, and I would say "poor Derek," but we were all laughing so hard at the choreography and I think he enjoyed throwing himself around the space. Eli also pops into the scene briefly bringing some sass at first and utter terror later. It's a gem.

In an effort to not kill Danelle's vocal chords or Derek's body, we took an extended break. Lo and behold, who appeared but Janna Weddle with costumes! Janna had just been thrifting for white shirts and black pants and stopped by to fit whoever happened to be at rehearsal. Bryan Campbell and Danelle were the lucky ones who were the first to be fitted and they looked very waiter-y. Janna will return on Sunday to see the rest of the cast and chat with Beau about kitchen elements and costumes. Just think Mad Max. With pepper grinders.

To finish the night, Bryan Campbell (Simon) worked on his song "Rally Song For One." This has become an infectious tune amongst the production team and I couldn't wait to see what the King of Karaoke was going to do with this song. (Seriously, see B. Campbell perform "Maniac" and you'll know what I'm talking about). This song comes near the end of the show when the crew is fairly beaten down and Simon is attempting to pump them up in Green Day/Weezer fashion. Danelle and Derek wanted to stick around and see how the song was shaping up. After a quick sing through (to the new track with HQ drums!), Bryan asked Danelle and Derek to help him play with the song onstage. They obliged and what resulted was some of the most hilarious miming of lyrics including frisbees, driving, and vodka lemonades. Top it all off with an 80's fist pump, and it's golden. Now I can't wait to see what happens when we really block the scene and have the entire cast present!

Until then, we're off for three days, in which the cast will rest, Josh will be fighting demons at "Legion," and I will be enjoying the sunshine.

Oh, and what end of the week blog post would be complete without a shameless plug? Our own Derek Elstro is performing in "POINT BREAK - LIVE"! Yes, THAT Point Break with Keanu and P-Swayze. Read the info and a review here! If you attend Saturday, it will be another "Regular" theatre night - I will be enjoying the show with Bryan Campbell and our own Maddy Chilese will be tending bar. Plus, Derek will be on stage. So grab your ponchos and go see it!