Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Maximum Battle Damage

Rehearsal Day 22: "Because I Have the Spatula!"*
Monday night's rehearsal began with Danelle Wildermuth and Bryan Campbell working with our lovely intern, Elyse Pancheri, on ironing out choreography for "The Billy Bar." For a song that sounds like something off American Bandstand, it begged for some fun dancing! (DANCING?! In a MUSICAL!? How revolutionary!) Elyse wanted to watch what Bryan had come up with on his own, so B-Slice ran through the song once. Elyse watched, then as he finished, slowly tore the page out of her notebook with all her choreography notes. Bryan was concerned that he did something wrong, to which Intern responded, "No, you just came up with everything I choreographed on your own." OK, well maybe it wasn't everything, just the moves during the lyrics. The dance breaks are much tighter now and Danelle has just about perfected the "I'm confused, kinda creeped out, but I know all the steps to this dance" face. It's priceless.

The rest of the cast joined us later after braving an army of Cubs fans, and we began yet another run of the show. It's coming together more and more every night. Notes consist of Josh and Chris being nitpicky and tweaking the small spots that need to be adjusted, revamped, or brought out more.

Just as we were in the last scene of the show, Janna Weddle entered the rehearsal space, arms laden with costumes that looked...incredible. There would be pictures, but that would ruin the surprise, now wouldn't it? Our cast is already good looking, so they can pull off food-stained, torn, post-apocalyptic costumes like no other. It's magical. Sunday we will have an official "costume parade" to help kick of tech week and it will be nothing short of epic.

What are we down to?

One music rehearsal.
One regular rehearsal.
Four nights of tech.
Final dress/free preview.

Then we open.

Oh! As promised, here are some of Sarah's pictures from Sunday night's rehearsal!
(There will be more as the week goes on)
Simon v. Sunny - FINISH HIM!

"Where is Love?" or "Somewhere Out There"? Thoughts?

Um. Yeah. That's Derek.


"Oh, Miriam, why did you get so fat?"

*Give yourself extra brownie points if you caught that reference...Oo! Brownies! Excuse me for a moment...nom nom nom....


  1. The "Oh, Miriam" shot (no offense to Carla) looks kinda creepy...like something out of Legion.

  2. Legion needed more blood. I was promised blood. It was like it was directed by PT Anderson. See... see what I did there? In conclusion, more blood.

  3. I agree. Legion was fun, but did need some more blood.