Monday, April 12, 2010

Dueling and Pianos

Rehearsal Day 14: Stage Combat Sunday #4
Four weeks in already?!

Last week, Beau was able to choreograph the entirety of the epic boss battle that is the fight against Simon. After letting it marinate and soak in to the actor's bodies, this SCS rehearsal was all about fixing little moments that didn't work or didn't fit with the character work. Lots of new tidbits were sprinkled in, moves that could be filed under "awkward turtle" were tossed. There are a couple more brilliant moments that truly had me laughing and giggling so hard I nearly fell out of my chair. While many of these happen during the fight, I spent a lot of time watching the rest of the cast's reactions as they observe the fight in character. Even when focused on where to move, how hard to hit, what comes next in the action, the little quirks each character has developed come through and really start to show the whole picture. And seriously, don't mess with Sunny's crate. It's just a bad idea.
Jake is all ready to lay the smackdown.

Simon teaches the New Girl a lesson

Yes, this looks very heroic. However, an eagle (or Simon) doesn't need a hero when he wants to sing.

"Ummm...what are you going to do with those?"

This shot was just too perfect to go along with some of the storylines. Hank, Molly, and that Dolly.

During these three hours of gratuitous violence, Josh was recording the final piano tracks for the music in the show with Joe Griffin, our amazing orchestrator. It was an intense session of jams, songs, and a couple tall boys. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall to see them work on finessing the music, but alas, you and I must settle for pictures from the event.
Ticklin' the ivories. Well, really, the keys are plastic...but who's counting?
Ladies and gentlemen, Joe Griffin!

Joe was able to turn around many of the tracks overnight, and they sound incredible. Just you wait. Your ears might explode with delight. Well done, gentlemen.


  1. Yay! Now, when do we get the mp3's?

  2. Wow...yesterday sounds exhausting.

  3. It was quite busy, but that is par for the course!