Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Capri Sun Pacific Cooler

Rehearsal Day 10: Blocking in a Storm

Lots and lots of good work last night! It's really getting to be crunch time as we're a month away from opening night. Last night, we finished blocking the first musical number in the show, the lead-in to "The Billy Bar" song (where get a glimpse of the creepiness of Simon), and the terror of corporate quality control .

To kick things off, we reviewed the blocking from "The New Girl" as it leads directly into "The Hero Song." The number includes just about the whole company, minus Simon and Molly, and I think getting the scene on its feet has really amped up the energy the cast puts into it vocally. When we ran it through at music rehearsal, it sounded great but last night it was obvious the cast is drilling these songs at home, playing with harmonies and finding the best way to showcase their voices as well as deliver the jokes.

Again, another perfect Hank face. He looks on to his New Girl.

"You don't need a hero."

As the sun set, the rain began to absolutely pour outside and led to some pretty terrific lightning as well. This fit very well, as we began to block a scene where our servers are faced with "shoppers" - quality control monitors sent by Corporate. Not only that, but things are crumbling faster than a cookie in a toddler's hands.

"What about the bathrooms?"

Josh has his directing pants on.

To wrap up the night, we blocked the scene that leads into the rockabilly song "The Billy Bar," where you seem to get a certain je-ne-sais-quoi vibe from Simon as he talks with Autumn and Molly. There was also some chatting on the choreography and certain moves for "Billy Bar" when we get the song up on Wednesday.

Janna came in and fitted more of the cast into their white shirts and black pants. While the costumes she fitted are the tamest in the show, I can't wait to see the intense battle damaged versions. As she pinned and tucked, I passed out treats to the cast, as tonight was our original off-book date. As this is a new work, there have been many script changes and the decision was made to push back the off book date so folks could get the changes solidified. I've said this before, but it's amazing going back and reading the first draft I received in December and the changes and finesse that has come to the script. The dialogue and story flows so much better. Josh has compared it to Iron Man: building something out of scraps in a cave and finessing it into something truly badass. After running most of Act 1 as a review at the end of rehearsal last night, I can't agree more. The energy and intensity is absolutely out of this world. When you see this production, be ready for the ride of your life!



  1. I would like an adorable picture as well please. Too much creepy for me at the moment.

  2. Mayhaps I should post some pics from Patty McHobo's. I never got around to that...a Super Speacial weekend post maybe?