Thursday, April 22, 2010

High a Steakhouse

Rehearsal Day 20: Run Through 2

Second run through is done and in the books!
The arc of the show is working its way into the muscle memory of the actors, as the flow of the show becomes more evident. The name of the game last night was to make the stakes higher and higher. Josh and CRex kept saying "more stakes" in their notes, which made me giggle in my little stage manager corner as the show is set in a steakhouse. It was also the end of the week and my sleep deprivation gets to me a bit come the last 45 minutes of rehearsal.

With full runs now, the actors have discovered nuances, subtleties, and brand new intentions for their characters as the interactions changes slightly, the pressure becomes greater, and the seriousness of the restaurant war settles on their shoulders. (Though not like Restaurant Wars on Top Chef, which is also excellent.) The characters are becoming more fleshed out, showing their true colors as things hit the fan.

In the next couple of weeks, there will be fewer rehearsal pictures as my hands will be occupied running cues and being on book for anyone who flubs a line. So in lieu of that, I will be posting more "behind the scenes" photos, also known as "Regulars Having Fun!" With all the craziness and stress about to unload on us over the next two weeks, thinking of kicking back and enjoying the company will help de-stress not just those of us involved, but also inspire those Junction fans out there to come out sometime and experience the awesomeness yourself!

Josh was excited about Auditions!
Thanks to the Hypocrites for use of their space for auditions
Here at Hobo Junction, we are very concerned about the well being of our actors. Back rubs supplied as an additional perk.

I promised to post this photo quite a while ago. There is only one word to describe it.
That, and I may need to start rockin' my glasses again.

Eli Approves!

We suffer for our art.
But make it all better with pirate band-aids.


  1. MORE STEAKS!!! And don't forget the GODDAMN FIGS!!! i like dinner..... quote-tastic

  2. "Atkins, where where you?"
    "Pickin' out a wedding ring!"

    Whoops, that's not from our show...

  3. I also think it's funny to look at Bryan with long hair and goatee, Mr. Hunt style. So used to clean-cut now!