Thursday, April 29, 2010

Close the Door at Stage Left, Open the Door at The Apollo!

Rehearsal Day 24: Last Day at Stage Left
End of Regular Rehearsals

Here we go. We're done at Stage Left's rehearsal space (thanks to Laura and all the folks there!). Last night consisted of lots of fine tuning. Elyse worked a little more swing dancing into "The Billy Bar" for Danelle and Bryan. Josh and Carla brushed up the "Miriam" blocking. What really needed some good focus was the final "Hero Reprise" scene. What worked at first was slowly turning into a "Seasons of Love" type line across the front of the stage. That or the cast looked like they were about to burst into a kick line (which could have been fun...). Chris and Josh worked along with the actors to find levels, spaces, windows to make it much more visually stimulating and interesting. The best part? A tableau that just screams "Star Wars" movie poster. (Josh says "Vacation", C-Rex and I are sold on the "Wars." Yes, we are all huge nerds.)

After a quick break, we moved on to a run of the show. There was some new energy and intentions behind some of the lines, and all the notes from Josh and Chris are being taken into consideration along with the actor's own choices to make the characters more real.

After the run, we packed up all the boxes, crates, props, and costumes and loaded it all into my car to be ready for TECH WEEK on Sunday! I was impressed with the capacity of my vehicle, as it fit: 7 plastic milk crates, 2 large crates (1 full of props), 5 cardboard boxes, 2 large armfuls of costumes on hangers, 1 dolly, 2 actors, and a stage manager after rehearsal. Thank you Ford Motor Company for making the Mercury Milan so roomy!

This weekend will consist of me wearing both Stage Manager and Tech Director hats as I further fine tune and plan out tech week. In other words, I may be having a lot of conversations and meetings with myself. At least I have and excuse/reason to be talking to myself for once!
Rest up this weekend, friends, for come Sunday, we RIP IT!!

Or, we play with Lightsaber iPhone apps! :-)

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