Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Diction Is Done With The Tip Of The Tongue And The Teeth

Rehearsal Day 23: Final Music Tuesday

What happens when you put together a full cast, Thai noodles, Chips Ahoy, Double Stuf Oreos and shake well?

Music gold.

Last night was the last night to really bang out the harmonies, rhythms, diction, and other trouble spots in the songs. The cast has always sounded good on their songs, but last night everything started to fall into place. Our biggest sticking point has been the choruses of certain songs and getting the timing and harmonies down for the cast members singing behind the set while a soloist is out front. There was no hesitation last night, every single person was on their game, knew exactly what note to hit, and blasted it. Also, since Josh wants to cast to "save themselves" when they flub a line, I was able to be off book a bit more and really enjoy some of the vocal fun that was going on. As a teacher, I give the ensemble and A+ for doing their homework on Monday night after rehearsal!

The next item on the agenda was a line-thru of the show, with score but no singing. The trick? It was done in complete darkness. (Well, except for me and my computer and MagLite in the corner). We did this exercise when I worked with Hobo Junction on their last show, Horrible. It helps the actors really listen to each other and find new nuances as they cannot see their scene partners nor are they trapped in their blocking. For those who had never done this activity, it really brought some new things to the surface. Jake Autizen mentioned he was able to see character arcs much more clearly by just listening and without the distraction of Pitcher Hands or dollies. As I was running music cues, the one and only Dan Krall was sitting next to me and the man could not stop giggling the entire time. I believe this is the first time he's really been able to hear the show from start to finish in this final state. It's great to hear this kind of feedback. Beau stuck around on Sunday after his fight rehearsal, we also had a couple of other guests that night and they all enjoyed it thoroughly. Here's hoping the rest of Chicago feels the same way!

Also during our music rehearsal, Sarah Harmon came down and transferred the cream of the crop of pictures from Build Day and Sunday Night's rehearsal. Once again, enjoy this photo special...

Costume Design is intense.

Beau...this may be be epitome of "L for Loser."
But we still love you!

Sunny gives Simon a piece of her...foot.

And Simon shares his opinion With his fists.


Denise plays mother hen.

This is a point in the show that is hilarious, yet slightly disturbing. Josh says "I can't believe we're actually doing this..." C-Rex's response: "It makes sense in context!"

"This is hell. There's no love here. So shut up."

Looks like dancing. But it's not!

Fist Pump Debate:
In compiling a list of the best fist pumps of all time, we have come up with:
1. Bender in The Breakfast Club (This is not up for debate. This is fact)
2. Bastian in The Neverending Story

We now need your help in filling out the top 5. Thoughts? Leave 'em in the comments!


  1. All the Rebel Soldiers in Empire Strikes Back after the first transport leaves Hoth.

  2. 3. Rebel Soldiers on Hoth
    4. Rocky

    Sorry Bryan, I'm too loyal to Star Wars. It comes before Rocky.

  3. That's fine. We're still doing top 5. Oooh.. you've got to have Free Willy as #5