Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rockin' When We're Just Off Of Work

Rehearsal Day 12: Sing, Sing a Song...
End of Week 3.

One Month Until Opening.
Bring it.

Big day at rehearsal! We blocked and choreographed four of the songs, it was off-book day, and we are exactly one month out from letting this monster loose on Chicago. Like the Kraken.

Now, I have never been a server. Worked in customer service, yes, but never as a waiter. According to Josh, at every restaurant, no matter where it is, the servers always go out for drinks after work and it is always the pinnacle of dive bars. Thus, "The Billy Bar" was born. In the show, Simon sings its praises (?) to Molly to try and convince her to join them when the restaurant closes. The rockabilly sound fits in well as we'll be performing at the Apollo with Million Dollar Quartet running upstairs. The approach to blocking this song was quite simply, "Let Bryan Campbell play." And play he did.
Don't try the margarita or touch the tables. Trust me.

PeeWee would be so proud.

After hearing the tale of Miriam belted incredibly by Carla on Tuesday night, it was exciting to have the cast hear her sing it for the first time. At this point, Denise takes on a den mother type mentality as she shares the cautionary tale of one of their own. In a scene where everyone is absolutely beaten, this song almost becomes uplifting and you can't help but sway along.

"Come sit next to me, little one."

"She was six foot tall, her eyes were blue, she wore a size 11 shoe. She could have played for the WNBA."

We went from goofy/disgusting to uplifiting, it was time to move on to inspiring. Ashley Wint (Sunny) rocks out on the reprise of "The Hero Song" which is introduced in Act 1 of the show. Will Sunny be able to rally the troops to fight against the unrelenting customers? Or will they all quit and just have a rooftop party?
Five hundred, twenty five thousand, six hundred...oh wait, wrong show.

Cat Woman? Spider Girl? You choose. Either way, that crate is awesome.

Wrapping up the night was more of Bryan playing around with "The Rally Song" where Simon tries to rally folks to his plan. There would be pictures, but I was laughing too hard. So now the question remains, blogosphere, who will win? Sunny? Simon? Customers? Well, that's why you're going to see the show.

That wraps up yet another week of rehearsal and also brings us exactly to the halfway point of all this craziness.
Yes, Bryan, I know you're sad we don't have another rehearsal until Sunday.

But, this is a chance for the cast to be all like dis:
Rest easy, friends, and enjoy the weekend!


  1. And then C-Rex was all like dis, and Angela Bassett was all like dis, and I was all like (Disney Pouty Face). Yeah.

  2. I had the Billy Bar song stuck in my head all day yesterday.

  3. With the sun shining, I think it's a "Rally Song" kind of day