Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You've got to RIP IT!

Rehearsal Day 19: Music Tuesday

Last night was dedicated to polishing the songs in the show and working out all the little kinks with harmonies and the occasional lyric flub. Enjoy another photo journey through the night! All photos are courtesy of Sarah Harmon, who stole my camera and went shutter-happy while I stared at my script and pressed "play" on the stereo.
Bryan sings "The Billy Bar", because it's a bar and it's the best!

Dance Break with Carla and Ashley!
Gasp! Here we have captured the elusive Stage Manager! And she's ALONE in the picture! (This never happens...I always have someone in the picture with are a sneaky one, SarahFlo.)

Eli freaks out to "Squids Are Comin'"

The now infamous "Wint Face."

Danelle knows what she wants and knows what she needs. And she needs you to give it to her.

"Oh, Miriam, why did you get so fat?"

Bryan attempts to rally the troops with "The Rally Song." Eli is less than impressed. Or just can't look at Bryan because he'll burst out laughing...
Yeah, we're super cool and tech-savvy here at The Regulars.

Singing finished, we did a quick line-thru of the show, then enjoyed some quality chillaxing time as an ensemble. Still quite a bit to get done this week - more running of the show tomorrow, recording with Joe, finishing up props, marketing pushes, and all the other little things that will tie this together.


  1. The fact that we get "Wint Face" and "Wint Dance" in the same blog post maybe makes this the best blog post so far. That said, i really hate it when i "burt" out laughing.

  2. Typo fixed!

    And Wint is awesome.

  3. I love to burt out in laughter.