Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"I'm not with child, I'm with pizza"

Rehearsal Day 15: Music Tuesday

Did you ever have that feeling that things are starting to fall into place and gel, but were afraid to say anything because you might jinx it?

I'll leave it at that.

Music rehearsal #4 brought the cast together to run through and tweak all the music vocally. The idea was to allow the actors to throw their blocking aside for a little while and concentrate on putting the fun and power solely in the lyrics, tone, and melodies of each song. This rehearsal also seemed to be the breath before the plunge. We've worked hard for the entire rehearsal process so far, but from here on out I feel it will be nose to the grindstone type work.

Josh decreed he would wear his "funglasses" all night.
As did Wint.
Jake and Bryan did an encore of their version of "Sharing My Time With You" for those cast members not called last week. It was absolutely precious.

As each actor got up to sing their songs, I took a step back and thought about how far these songs have come in such a short time. The first song written was "Miriam" back in January, the last song, "Rally Song" was finished up at the beginning of March. Over three months, Josh and Dan wrote, brainstormed, and tweaked each note and word, and Joe layered on epic orchestrations. The cast received the mp3 demos, played with them, and learned the melodies through rehearsal and creating harmonies at home. Last night, so many of these elements came together and began to rocket towards their full potential. The whole picture of the show is coming together and becoming much more real in all of our eyes.

Tonight we block the last four scenes (if we all survive another gameday in Wrigleyville!) and will stumble our way through the entire show next week. Exhaustion is a guarantee, but I am looking forward to seeing this whole epic journey unfold over the next few weeks. In 22 days, The Regulars will be unleashed onto Chicago. Hang on tight, because here we go!

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