Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Let's Just Do What Cyra Says...Can We Do That?"

Rehearsal Day 11: Music Tuesday 3, or the night of Amy's favorite songs

Last night we covered the last two (and a half songs) we had not covered yet, "The Rally Song", "Miriam", and adding Cyra Polizzi into "Sharing My Time With You."

Bryan Campbell was up first to work through "The Rally Song." We had worked a little with this at the end of last week where Bryan was able to just play in the rehearsal space with the song. For this time 'round, Josh and Bryan were able to get very nitpicky about the tone, rhythm, and quality of the vocal performance. The lyrics and Green Day/Weezer style are enough to make anyone giggle, but I have a feeling when we solidify the blocking and add some camp-counselor style miming, it will be absolutely over the top.
"Can't get fired if you quit..."

Once Bryan had that down, Carla Kessler began to work on "Miriam." Check out the preview video of Josh and Dan singing here. This song comes out of nowhere in the script, but is incredible. "Miriam" was the first song completed, and it's been the one we've been singing to ourselves for quite some time. This time, it was Carla's time to show what she'd been working out on her own. What we didn't expect but were thrilled to hear was Janis Joplin come back from the dead and tell the story of a fallen waitress. Just as with "Rally," it came together so well that Josh and Carla could spend more time picking apart the tiny details of timing and inflection.
"The more they eat, the more they spend. And if you're good, they'll leave 15%"

Moving from Joplin to Queen, the last song of the evening was "Sharing My Time With You," the ballad of Wisconsin. Cyra Polizzi, who will be playing Ana the Bus Girl, joined us for the first time in this process to get to know the song and her role. Ordinarily, Maddy Chilese would have been there as well, but laryngitis has reared its ugly head. So who better to fill in for Autumn than Simon? Bryan graciously stepped in and sang the female part of the duet with Jake Autizen. Combine that with Cyra echoing in gorgeous soprano and the laughter could not be contained. The Spanish lyrics are very close to being finished, and those of you fluent in Spanish will get some extra jokes out of the song that those of us who don't will completely miss. It's like a DVD easter egg...but live.
Cyra, Bryan, and Jake sing.
"It's better when it's Maddy, it's funnier when it's you, Bryan."

One month from today is our Opening Night! There seems like there is so much more to do, which there absolutely is, but as I drove back from rehearsal last night, I took time to think about all we have accomplished so far. It is definitely not a time to rest, but the cast has gone above and beyond what we have expected, the script and music keep improving, Chris Jacobs has been working hard on all kinds of new marketing, and this marathon keeps going! So pass the Gatorade and let's keep running!


  1. Yes, it's true that Maddy sounds better than I do on the song. But I will say this... nobody, and I mean No-body, makes Dreamy-Eyes at Jake the way that I do. NOBODY!

  2. If only we could combine your powers....